0: Preneur Spark Introduction

Hi this is Tim Frisch, serial entrepreneur, founder and host of PreneurSpark.com.

Preneur Spark is a culmination of a lot of years of being in sales with a lot of trial and error. I started Preneur Spark to hopefully pass on and help other entrepreneurs make their way without having to make the same mistakes as I did in the process. The areas I’ll focus on will be for sales people, small business owners and or entrepreneurs.

I’ll never pretend to know everything, but the important thing is to learn from people who have been there, as mentioned before to try to minimize making the same mistakes and to learn and build on those experiences.
My endeavor is to put my experiences out there on my audio blog and provide help to connect, learn, build. sell and just get in front more opportunities with the right tools.
A little about me, I’ve been doing all the things mentioned here for decades, selling, marketing, running my own SEO business for over 20 years.

I think you’ll agree when it comes to being in sales, a small business owner or entrepreneur the main thing is to get in front of more opportunities, and of course build your expertise at the same time.
So, in 1998 when I started my SEO business, I never wanted to do another cold call again. And decided to develop a new, more efficient way to grow my business. Instead of prospecting for end users, I decided to prospect for referral partners. What’s better than getting introduced to your next customers? This was the route I took and still use it today. I’ll like to show others how to do it.
Referral selling will be part of my audio blog series, along with online selling, offline selling, helping solopreneurs grow, and much more.

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