How about this, are you dragging? No not your feet… Are you in rut, a sales rut, dragging down mentally and physically? If you’re in sales that happens, I’ve been there. How’s your activity? Not too active? It’s interesting, sometimes that’s all you need – movement – do something. That’s why it’s called a rut, you’re not sure what to do. For what it’s worth, when a rut raises its ugly head, what do you do as a sales person to get going? My advice is to do something, trust me it’s hard to sell anything while setting to your desk. Or even while driving around, even though can be a strategy for some. Repeat after me, “my desk is my enemy”, or at least it can be – a big enemy.

Movement creates more movement. What does that supposed to mean? Let’s go back to the “desk strategy”. Personally I get claustrophobic if I’m at my desk too long. So, I found that lack of movement creates more of lack of movement. What can you do at your desk to create sales? Not much unless you have highly targeted appointments ready to say, “come on over and see me and let’s talk about buying and selling”. Okay back to earth, if that were the case you wouldn’t be in a rut. So now what since we’re back the rut thing? Okay I know I said before that activity creates more activity, that’s true it does. If in fact you don’t have any warm bodies ready to buy right now, what about warm leads?

Short of having a pocket full of referrals, it’s back to the other thing I mentioned, your car, except for one thing, not just driving around. At least you are moving… So, get your customer list ready, and drive to each customer and make a “reach out Call”. When I was in a situation like this I always could generate sales just by getting in front of my existing customers. You can find out so much valuable information when sitting in front of them rather than the phone or forbid, through email.

Written by Tim Frisch – Preneur Spark

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