About Preneur Spark

About Preneur Spark

Hi, it’s Tim Frisch, founder and host of Preneur Spark, helping entrepreneurs, small business people and sales people.

For over 2 ½ decades I’ve helped small companies get more sales, online and offline. With the ever changing online, we adapted to focus on our client’s ever changing needs. In 1998 I started an Internet marketing business (SEO services). It became even more evident that our core services were morphing into a different type of services, but focusing on the same needs, building and growing our client’s business.e same.

During this process and because of my many years of outside sales and cold calling (and never wanting to cold call again), I developed a non-cold calling sales system that emerged out of necessity. I now provide the same guidance for sales people, entrepreneurs and small business people through sales do thowners connect, learn, build and sell.




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