Spark Your Preneur

Preneur Spark /prəˈnʊr spärk/ a spark to help entrepreneurs build business faster.

connect – learn – build – sell

Get the Right Connections

Being an entrepreneur and succeeding for over 3 decades has required me to have the right connections. From “In The Trenches Guy” to another entrepreneur, let me show you how to use the correct mutual leverage to make it work for you.

Build Your Preneur

Building a business requires a lot of time, work and resources and we want to be your go to place for helping you build your business by getting connected and building the right relationships. Plus be a resource for you to learn just what you need and to sell more efficient.


After decades of making cold calls and using every other sales method that didn’t work so well, I learned the hard way, but was able to learn referral based selling. To this day I still use this method to get introduced, connect and build solid, real working relationships. And now I want to show you how.